Girls’ Education

Girls’ Education
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Education is one of the focus areas of SJJKS as the overall status of education is deplorably low in the intervention areas of the organization viz. Nagar block of Bharatpur District. In the intervention areas there is high illiteracy and among girls the situation is worst since after primary school the drop out rates of girls were very high. There is lack of information and any other source regarding Govt. schemes for promotion of girl’s education among the community people. Lack of opportunities as well as the inability of existing avenues to retain the interest of children has kept a number of children out of schools.

The organization has implemented Girls Education Program in 3 Government Schools of Nagar Block where the girls came from the 13 villages in a radius of 5 km to the School. The selection criterion was based on financial needs and drop out girls after primary school. A total 150 girls were supported by Room to Read India Trust under the Girls Education Program which aims at continuing education for girls till Class XII. Apart from providing remedial education and sponsoring school fees, books & stationary, the capacities and possibilities for the future of the girls were build through many capacity building workshops, educational tours, development camps, health check ups, Life Skills Education training, forming Balika Manch and conducting events.

Life Skills Education training for girls is the major focus under this Girls Education Program and is proving helpful in addressing social issues, resolving adolescence related problems and enhancing self esteem and confidence. This core activity was integrated with many enabling activities such as ensuring involvement of community through sensitization, enriching the teaching learning materials, sensitizing Govt. teachers and closely collaborating with key stakeholders such as school authorities, Panchayat leaders and Govt. functionaries through a common interface platform.


  1. The scoring pattern has seen a positive trend with percentiles moving from just passing to 60 %.
  2. The overall personality of the girl has improved and increase confidence in more events.
  3. Linking from Class VI the girls has showed 100% retention and now 77 girls were studying in Class X and 50 girls in Class IX.
  4. The first batch of Girls Education Program, 22 girls passed in the Class 10th State held Board Exam 2013 where 4 girls secured 1st Division.
  5. Parents were able to dedicate quality time with their children and were more proactive in motivating parents of children not attending the schools
  6. Pooja Yadav passed Class X state board exam 2013 and get selected to study in the Govt. Polytechnic College, Rajasthan
  7. The gap between the teachers & parents were reduced and during the parents teachers meeting the teachers share the specific achievements and challenges related to each girl child, meanwhile the parents voice their expectations and feedback on the functioning of school and performance of children and mutual agreeable solution has been discussed.