1. The organization has implemented Girls Education Program in 3 Government Schools of Nagar Block. A total 150 girls were supported under the Girls Education Program which aims at continuing education for girls till Class XII.
  2. Apart from providing remedial education and sponsoring school fees, books & stationeries, the capacities and possibilities for the future of the girls were built through many capacity building workshops, educational tours, development camps, health checkups, Life Skills Education and trainings



  1. Various issues related to adolescent health has been focused by the organsiation viz. Consequences of early marriage and early pregnancy, Menstruation – cycle, hygiene and myths, Adolescence health – changes and stages during the period, RTI/STI symptoms, preventive and curative measures, Birth, death and marriage registration, Sexuality, MNREGA, Ensuring education, Contraceptive methods.
  2. Trainings have been done on different Reproductive Health issues viz. Gender & Sex, Reproductive & Sexual health & Rights, Sexuality, Domestic Violence, RTI/STI, Menstruation cycle and its hygiene, Safe Motherhood.


  • Gender Mainstreaming and Women Empowerment-
  1. Initiated at 6 villages the organization has work in 10 villages of Nagar block on RCH with women of age between 15-45 age by forming SHGs as a platform.
  2. the women were provided capacity building training on Leaderships and importance of group and later these women break their hesitation and started participate regularly in community level meeting and capacity building trainings.


  • Child rights-
  1. The organization is working on four rights of Children viz. Right to Survival, Right to Development, Right to Protection and Right to Participation since 2007 with Meo- Muslims and SC communities at 21 villages of Nagar block in Bharatpur District.
  2. The main issues of child rights focused are-  immunization of children and pregnant women, ensure ANC & PNC, cause of infant & maternal death, birth registration & certification, child malnutrition, enrolment of out of school & drop out children, its retention & mainstreamed, quality education, child marriage, child labour, disability children, children participation at various level and leadership.