Child Marriage & Adolescent Health and Right

Child Marriage & Adolescent Health and Right
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The organization has worked with adolescent boys and girls in 51 villages of Nagar block and Kathumar block of Bharatpur & Alwar Districts. Various issues related to adolescent health has been focused by the organsiation viz. Gender and Sex, Gender based discrimination, Consequences of early marriage and early pregnancy, Menstruation – cycle, hygiene and myths, Adolescence health – changes and stages during the period, RTI/STI symptoms, preventive and curative measures, Birth, death and marriage registration, Sexuality, MNREGA, Ensuring education, Contraceptive methods. To address these issues the main strategies adopted by the organization are – Adolescent groups, women collective, parents group and stakeholders. In each villages adolescents groups of both boys and girls were formed which consists of 12-15 members and 2 members of each group has been chosen as group leaders who take part in every village level meetings, block meetings and perform the role of peer educators in the communities. To achieve the goal various activities has been carried out through Capacity Buildings, Networking and Advocacy. To build the capacities of the adolescent groups & women collectives the organization has conducted regular monthly meetings, Quarterly workshop at block level.


  1. Adolescent Boys and Girls get sensitized on adolescence health and other reproductive and sexual health and life skills education.
  2. The girls retention in school has increased and also the boys and girls raise voice and talk to their parents in delaying early marriage and gauna.
  3. Parents get sensitized on gender based discrimination and treat their sons and daughter equally regarding education and mode of nutrition.
  4. Stakeholders get sensitized on their roles & responsibilities and reduce child marriages at their respective villages.
  5. The adolescents identified as peer educator has helped in organizing youth forums. Their roles and voices take shape as their youth forums meet and their energies channeled for effective participation at various levels.