Success Story- Pooja Yadav

Success Story- Pooja Yadav
May 12, 2016 No Comments blog sjkkswp-user

My name is Pooja Yadav and this year I have passed my Class X Board Exam of Rajasthan and now studying Polytechnic in Govt. Polytechnic College, Alwar. I live with my mother and younger brother at Nagar. My mother, Tara Devi is a housewife and also does stitching to run our family’s expenditures and the needs of my brother and me. My father died when I am studying at Class V and to continue my further studies was not possible for me due to our poor economic conditions. Fortunately, one fine day Meena Didi from SJJKS came at my home and shared about the Girls Education Programme. I came to learnt from her interaction that under this programme those girls who have been drop out after Class V would be linked to Class VI at school and my joy knew no bounds when I heard this so I insist my mother and grand parents about it that I would like to rejoin my school which I have missed for days and this opportunity will open my door to higher studies which I long for. But my mother was not willing likely for this choice of mine.

After few days Meena Didi again came to meet my mother and make her understand about the various encouraging support which will be provided till Class XII under the Girls Education Programme that include remedial support, stationeries, school fees etc. and after rigorous interaction made by Meena Didi with my mother has help me to link with Girls education Programme and able to continue my studies till today.

Apart from this remedial and material support I have also get the opportunities in various events & training programmes which include Bal Mela, Health Camps, Development camps, Life Skills Education trainings, Exposure visits. The knowledge & skills gained from the Life Skills Education training conducted by the organization has helped me to maintain my positive attitude towards any situation in life. Also able to keep balance with my studies & the daily activities of life which also include helping hands to my mother’s stitching work. Being associated with SJJKS has been so nice and got fantastic experience and learning and I am very glad & feel proud to be the part of GEP since 2008 which make my impossible dream to be realistic and true.

In our society there are so many children especially girls which are not so fortunate like me to link with GEP and SJJKS so in future I would like to give donation to those girls in order to help them in studying from my earnings.